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A home for history

Nottingham Museums house historic artefacts from across the ages – whether from the City’s prestigious lace trade, industrial heritage, famed romantic poets or treasures unearthed from Ancient Egyptian, Greek or Roman history. It holds extensive Fine and Decorative Art, as well as collections of Earth & Life Sciences. Nottingham Museums have rich history awaiting discovery.


About Nottingham Museums

Nottingham City Museums has direct responsibility for the unique historic sites of Newstead Abbey and estate, the ancestral home of Lord Byron, as well as Wollaton Hall and Deer Park, with it’s fine Tudor mansion and Natural History Museum. It also supports Nottingham Industrial Museum, Nottingham Castle and the Museum of Nottingham Life and Greens Windmill, along with the museum of the Mercian Regiment, located within the Castle site.

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Our sites are rich with history and fun activities where you can get involved. Perhaps you will discover Nottingham’s industrial heritage, volunteer at Wollaton Hall and help restore the Walled Garden, or explore Lord Byron’s private apartments and eclectic menagerie of creatures.


Learning and Education

There are numerous ways for students to learn about history, and we offer a wide variety of hands-on workshops for all ages. Understand figures of historic importance such as Robin Hood, explore the grounds of our historic sites, and learn about the wonders of the world in our exciting day trips.

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Nottingham Museum’s expert curators and volunteer team compile their best stories, exhibitions and going-ons from across our sites in a fantastic series of articles. Discover more about the exhibits at Nottingham Museums and learn about how we preserve our rich history.

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Collections at Nottingham Museums

At the heart of Nottingham Museums are our collections, carefully preserved within our seven historic sites by our expert curators and team of volunteers. From ancient bronze-age swords and Roman curse tablets, to Victorian toys and the first Raleigh Chopper. It even holds Fine Art paintings and Decorative Art, as well as collections of Earth and Life Sciences. What collections will you learn about?

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We’re always on the look-out for more help. Whether it’s volunteering a little of your time to help restore the Walled Garden at Wollaton Hall, or donating to Newstead Abbey, there are lots of ways you can support Nottingham heritage.

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