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Nottingham Museums encompass several sites rich in history and culture. Open to the public, these historic sites house treasures and artifacts from across the globe. Learn more about them below.


Nottingham City Council’s Museums & Galleries is the oldest municipal museum service outside of London


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Nottingham City Museums has direct responsibility for the unique historic sites of Newstead Abbey and estate,  the ancestral home of Lord Byron, as well as Wollaton Hall and Deer Park, with it’s fine Tudor mansion and Natural History Museum. It also supports Nottingham Industrial Museum, Nottingham Castle and the Museum of Nottingham Life and Greens Windmill, along with the museum of the Mercian Regiment, located within the Castle site.

To plan your visit to any of these sites, see their associated website below.


Wollaton Hall

The natural history museum at Wollaton Hall houses a collection of 750,000 objects, ranging from fossils, minerals, plants and eggs to invertebrates, vertebrates, shells (molluscs) and taxidermy, as well as ‘spirit’ preserved animals and rare specimens from across the globe.

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Newstead Abbey

Steeped in over 800 years of history, Newstead Abbey is a monastic Abbey from the late 12th century and home to the poet Lord Byron. Discover Lord Byron’s private apartments, the Victorian Kitchen and room displays, plus cloisters from the monastic period.

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Greens Windmill

Built in 1807, come and see the amazing inner workings of the windmill and how our millers turn grain into award-winning organic flour. The Greens Windmill also houses an interactive science centre where visitors can experiment with light, electricity and magnetism.

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Nottingham Industrial Museum

Nottingham’s Industrial Museum focuses on the city’s hugely important industrial past. Situated at Wollaton Hall and Deer Park, the museum displays a fascinating collection of rich industrial history, from Tudor mines to the world’s first video recorder.

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