William Booth, born and brought up in Nottingham in the nineteenth century, was influential around across the world as a social reformer and founder of the Salvation Army. This collection of original objects puts his life and work into context and features written information on 1800’s Nottingham, plus narratives on Booth’s life and development of the Salvation Army. With map and timeline, activities and information card for each item.

Box includes: Salvation Army flag; badges and uniform; copy of Booth’s book In Darkest England and The Way Out (1890); Victorian coins; lace shuttle; Nottingham Daily Express (1905 edition); tambourine and vinyl recording of two of Booth’s speeches.

Resource meets National Curriculum requirements in History –

KS1 The lives of significant individuals in the past; historical events, people and places in their own locality

KS2 An aspect or theme in British history that extends chronological knowledge before 1066. Local history study

KS3 Ideas, political power, industry and Empire: Britain 1745 – 1901. Local history study

Activity pack meets National Curriculum requirement for English, Art and Design, Geography and Drama, Key Stage 1 – 3.

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