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The Art Gallery: Art as inspiration.

The Art Gallery was the centrepiece of the new Midlands Counties Art Museum when it opened here in 1878. The Museum brought together historic art works with the best art and craft of the day, to inspire designers in Nottingham’s lace industry. In the gallery, also known as the Long Gallery, paintings lined the walls from floor to ceiling in a rich salon-style hang.

Today we have mixed together paintings, sculpture, drawings, ceramics, textiles and jewellery from different periods, organised around six themes that have inspired artists for centuries. We invite you to explore the gallery and hope it inspires you too.

Gallery Activity Sheets:

These worksheets have been designed to help schools and visitors explore our art collection on display at Nottingham Castle. The activities encourage visitors to notice details, learn more about the artworks and objects, draw out themes and create their own drawings in response to their discoveries.

Each worksheet links to a gallery display and uses the collection as a starting point.

The Downloadable Worksheets include:

Set 1: The Art Gallery, Long Gallery

Scenic Landscapes: Exploring Landscapes

Faces: Exploring Portraits

Nature up Close: Exploring Pattern and Design

Miniatures: Exploring Miniature portraits

Colour and Form: Exploring shape and form.

DOWNLOAD HERE: gallery_activity sheets_internal

Set 2: Lace Gallery

Lace design and pattern: Explore the process of designing lace.

Spot the difference: Lace worker, Embroidering lace

Changing Fashions: Designing your own lace clothing


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