Original and replica objects, documents and information to illustrate life in Britain during the Medieval Period. Resource contains information cards on Robin Hood; medieval guilds; cookery; the lifestyles of children; medicine; markets, agriculture and monasteries. Plus timelines, activities and information card for each item.

Box includes great helm and set of chainmail; heater shield; domestic nails, bowls and vessels; fragments of stained glass and cooking pots; bowl, glazed pitcher, tiles; monumental brass and royal tomb effigy.

Meets National Curriculum requirements in History –

KS1 Significant historical events, people and places in locality

KS2 An aspect or theme in British history that extends chronological knowledge before 1066. Local history study

KS3 Development of Church, State and Society in Medieval Britain 1066 – 1509

Activity pack meets National Curriculum requirement for English, Art and Design, Geography and Drama at Key Stage 1 – 3.

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