Leaders in the Community: Eric Irons

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An integral part of this project focuses on highlighting the contributions of Black people to the development of Nottingham. This not only promotes a more holistic narrative of who are the heroes of Nottingham but also allow ethnic minority students to see themselves represented in the curriculum.

The information contained in this resource was derived mainly from the unpublished memoir of Eric Irons (Eric Irons, Unpublished Memoir, 2009) and should be used alongside other materials in our education pack. The team would like to especially thank the Irons family for sharing this precious resource along with numerous pictures. It has proven to be a valuable primary source for our project.

This pack contains information and excerpts on the life and tireless work of Eric Irons in his campaign for racial equality and social justice in Britain.

Due to the sensitive nature of this topic and racially-sensitive terminologies contained in some of the quotations, teachers should exercise caution when relaying this information to students. Care has been taken to include only those which are necessary for the purpose of explaining slavery and race’. Please refer to the glossary for an explanation of these. For a version that contains all terms, which includes the most sensitive, these can be requested by email from our learning & education team at access.artefacts@nottinghamcity.gov.uk.

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Many thanks to the University of Nottingham for access to these resources.

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